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  • Professional Drivers Needed! Our next bus class is scheduled for August 26, 27, & 28, 2014. For more information, please call 704.296.3015. 

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School Opening Poses Challenges for Transportation Department photo

School Opening Poses Challenges for Transportation Department

As we enter our third week of school for the traditional calendar, I am very impressed with our transportation team. Even with a driver shortage, everyone has pulled together to make sure routes are covered and students are getting to and from school safely. 

Every school year, we face the same challenges:

  • Needing additional bus drivers
  • Adjusting assigned student loads to the buses 
  • Adjusting route directons to get buses to school on time
  • Investigating bus stops for safety
  • Responding to parent or school concerns
  • Keeping all buses current on their preventative maintenance schedules


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Transportation Department Urges Parents to Review Important Bus Safety Information

As school is in full-swing, we want to take this time to encourage parents to discuss safety information with their children. Remind your children of the following safety tips to be safe at the STOP:

S tand at your assigned stop (10 minutes early)
T urn left and right. Look both ways before crossing.
O nly cross when all cars have stopped.
P lease wait until and stop arm is out red lights are flashing.


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